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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tips for EXTERIOR Home Staging

You won’t get a second chance to make a first impression!

Most home buyers make at least one “drive-by” before they schedule a showing. Before you put your home on the market and have it photographed, it is imperative that you stage the exterior. Curb appeal can pull in numerous home buyers, while the lack of curb appeal can reflect on a home seller’s lack of interest in keeping up the home. As a home seller, you are the key player in the marketing strategy.  You will need to start at the curb of your home and make a list of whatever stands out to you. For a more objective point of view, feel free to ask us for suggestions.

Do it yourself tips:
1) Do you need to rent a power washer? The winter months can be brutal in Fargo Moorhead. It’s important to look at siding, windows, shutters, your driveway, and overall exterior. A power washer can be a quick fix for the dirt and grime that has built up over the winter months. Buyers may be turned away by a dirty, un-kept exterior.
2) Bird feeders: Be sure that bird feeders are not neglected. If you have taken the time to set up a bird bath and bird feeders in the front of your home, keep them clean. Bird baths should be cleaned out and bird feeders should be full of bird seed.
3) Light Fixtures: Be sure that your light fixtures are clean; sweep away any cobwebs or debris that can leave them looking neglected. Upgrade any outdated light fixtures. There are a lot of attractive light fixtures for under $100.
4) Exterior Hardware: Shine up the exterior hardware, which includes door hardware and address numbers. A small touch up can go a long way whether you decide to clean, paint/stain or even replace the hardware to give it a new look. When shopping for new hardware, select a look that will complement the light fixtures.
5) Exterior Finish: The entrance of your door often takes the most abuse. It’s important to address any scuff marks or flaking paint on the door trim that can make the house look unattractive. Remember, the value of your home can be reflected by some of the smallest details. A fresh coat of paint can quickly upgrade the exterior trim!
6) Potted Plants: Soften up the front porch area by adding greenery and potted plants. A simple touch of color can add not only beauty and depth to any front porch, but it can also differentiate your home during a competitive buyers market.
7) Mulch barren flower beds: Don’t let the winter months keep your flower beds looking neglected. A few bags of mulch can go a long way.
8) Mailbox: How old is your mailbox? Is it time to get a new one? Whether you purchase a new mailbox or you repaint it, be sure that it looks new and attractive to home buyers.
9) Clean out your gutters: If you did not clean out your gutters during your fall maintenance routine, then now is the time. Be sure that leaves and brush are removed and that your gutters are firmly attached.
10) Welcome Mat: Don’t forget to buy a new welcome mat for the front door. Throw out that dingy old doormat and purchase a neutral yet attractive doormat that invites guests inside your home.

If you’re thinking of selling, we can tell you what comparable homes are listing for in your neighborhood and what the market is saying that your home should sell for.  Also, if you would like us walk with you through your home and help you decide what you "should" and "should not" spend money on getting your home ready to sell, we would be glad to help.  Call us anytime!

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