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Friday, February 17, 2012

Agents Make Unexpected Finds in Foreclosures

Anywhere from just the standard messy house, to dog poop or dirty diapers all over the floor, to garbage randomly scattered... As Realtors, we find our fair share of the unexpected when showing homes.  You never know what you'll find when you open doors, old appliances with unidentified substances remaining, lights that dont work, fumbling through the dark hoping to avoid someone lingering in the dark.  With foreclosures being a commonplace, the showing of homes is sometimes filled with shockers!  It's not only foreclosures, you'd be amazed at how some people just live day to day.  Staging has a whole new meaning in some peoples households.

I myself have had my moments of shock, finding a sleeping college student in a downstairs bedroom, running into a naked man coming out of the shower, both situations have left my heart pounding but I'm still not sure who was more shocked, me, my clients or the person who was unexpectedly shocked by our presence.  All I know is the biggest shock and most frightening was when we were casually walking through a home in Dilworth when around the corner came a giant pit bull, baring his teeth and growling.  I wanted to run for my life but as the agent, I felt the need to protect my clients (I dont know why, dont think thats in my job  So, as I calmly talked to the dog, and waved to the clients to leave the house, I slowly coaxed the dog into a bedroom, ran for the door and slammed it behind me.  So, there I was running frantic out of the house while listening to the dog barking and scratching at the door.  Needless to say, not a sale that day!  My love for animals was questioned for a moment.  I wondered, "Did I sign up for this?"  I'm pretty cautious going into any home after that moment.

In the article below, read about various interesting adventures Realtors and their clients have run across when looking at homes...

Agents Make Unexpected Finds in Foreclosures

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