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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FHA Hikes Fees on Mortgages

Home buyers with mortgages backed by the Federal Housing Administration will soon see a rise in fees, the agency announced Monday.

The agency is raising its fees in an effort to try to recoup some of its depleted reserves*, which suffered from the rising number of home owners who defaulted on their mortgages. The agency also says it’s raising fees to try to encourage the return of more private capital to the market.

FHA loans allow for smaller down payments, as low as 3.5 percent compared to traditional loans, and they often have less stringent credit requirements, which have made them soar in popularity in recent years. (The agency insures loans but doesn’t issue them.) About 40 percent of all new mortgages for home purchases in 2010 were FHA-backed mortgages.

In particular, FHA will increase two fees that borrowers pay. Starting April 1, it will increase

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