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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Importance of Staging Your Home to SELL!!

If you'd like your house to be sold immediately, you want the “wow” expression on the potential purchasers face as they enter your home. So, house staging is crucial to de-clutter your things, and highlight the powerful points in your house. All you need is a storage unit to put your clutter or extra furniture, paint, bedding, shower curtain, flowers, throw pillows & a few small decorative pieces.  The less "stuff" in your home makes everything appear larger.  Shop clearance, a few hundred dollars could net you thousands.

Living Room
Every room of the house is checked and checked by clients. Among the room, they are particular with the living room because this is where family spends time together. You must design and stage your living room in a way the furniture pieces and the design are engaging. There are 2 main activities that occur in the lounge which are entertaining guests and hanging out with family. Make the room more inviting and warm. Avoid loud color fabrics like your throw pillows and curtains. Also remove family photos.  Prepare your furniture pieces in a way that they have interaction with each other. Make efforts to test your furniture pieces and remove the chairs with wobbly legs or has defects. You can lease furniture or borrow from friends or family.

Dining Room and Kitchen
In staging your dining room, avoid the “staged home” set up where you set up the table and display your chinaware and wine glass. Keep the dining table clean and just put a vase with freshly cut flowers instead. There are people who pay attention to the kitchen especially those who like to cook. Make sure to pay extra attention on your household appliances like your stove, fridge, kitchen counter and the sink too. A clean and organized kitchen is the way to go.  2 or 3 kitchen appliances on the counter tops is plenty.  No fridge magnets, make sure the refrigerator is bare on the outside and neat and clean inside, less is more. It's also important to devote more lighting in the kitchen especially in the areas where slicing and cooking is done. If required, an additional lighting in dark areas is a good move. Always keep the motto “clean and bright” in mind.

When staging for the bedroom keep the short principle in mind “simple and straightforward.” Choose neutral colored fabrics and painting. Ensure that the room looks roomy and remove needless furniture that makes the room look smaller. Un-clutter the closet and make it look enormous by eliminating 80% of storage and clothes.  Invest in bedding too. Buy neutral pillows and comforter to make the room more at ease and inviting to sleep in.

Your toilets should be “clean and updated”. This implies that it should be clean and arranged as well as having newer bathroom pieces like the shower head, faucet, lighting fixture, toilet, and so on. A lot of buyers need a clean and organized rest room. Throw away softened soap, mucky loofah, and even used toothpaste. Add towel racks, and ensure that the shower curtain is new. Make sure everything is functional. Add fresh flower(s), it makes the room fresh, clean and inviting to the customer.

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