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Monday, April 8, 2013

Fargo Moorhead Real Estate Statistics UPDATE! April 2013

It appears the market is lacking for this time of year as far as New Listings on the market.  Yes, they are down from last year, but not as much as you would think...

Along with the number of listings being a bit lower, the amount of buyers have gone up!

Here are some of the Fargo Moorhead Real Estate Statistics as of yesterday!

New Listings from January 1st -April 7th
2013 - 1091 Homes Listed - 17.5% down from the last 4 yr average
2012 - 1284 Homes Listed
2011 - 1136 Homes Listed
2010 - 1674 Homes Listed
2009 - 1198 Homes Listed

(average over last 4 years= 1323 Homes)

Sold Listings from January 1st-April 7th
2013 - 600 Homes Sold - 23.7% up from the last 4 yr average
2012 - 542 Homes Sold
2011 - 408 Homes Sold
2010 - 490 Homes Sold
2009 - 390 Homes Sold

(average over last 4 years= 458 Homes)

We may have a lower number of homes listed, but we also have a higher number of buyers than we've had in the last 4 years and quite a bit above average.

If you're a seller, this is obviously a great time to list your home.  Contact us today and we'll give you a free market analysis of your home and help you get started!

If you're a buyer, rates are at unbelievable LOWS so its obviously a great time to buy also, but keep these statistics in mind while looking at homes.  Make sure to watch the new listings daily as there are just that many more buyers also watching for the same homes as you. The homes priced right and in good condition will sell QUICK!  Don't take your time, when you find the house you really want - move fast!

If you are interested in getting set up for the Fargo Moorhead MLS auto email service where you will receive new listings in your email the very first day they go up for sale!  We can set this up for you anytime.  We can narrow it down to your own personal search criteria so that you only receive new listings if they fit what you're looking for.

Contact us today - this service is free and very beneficial to all buyers!!  Dont wait, you could miss the perfect home!

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