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Friday, April 19, 2013

20 Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home

  1. When you first bought your house, you lived in the country. Now that same house is part of the city. 
  2. The kids have all graduated from college. You and your husband finally have time to yourselves…then they move back home!
  3. You can’t get anything repaired because “they stopped making those parts years ago.”
  4. You have three spare rooms in a four bedroom house.
  5. The swing set in the backyard has sprouted roots.
  6. You have to shuffle your cars each morning to leave for work.
  7. The plumber’s phone is on your speed dial.
  8. Your phone number is on your plumber’s speed dial.
  9. You spend more time driving to work than you do with your family.
  10. You spend more money each month for storage than you do for your mortgage.
  11. Your neighbor found a loophole in the homeowner's association rules and is raising donkeys.
  12. You keep hearing faint voices telling you to "get out" and they're getting louder.
  13. Grandpa Jed just struck oil while hunting in your back yard.
  14. The dog’s house doubles as a guest room.
  15. You have to take a number to use the bathroom.
  16. All the children’s rooms are now guest bedrooms
  17. You haven’t visited the other half of the house in six months.
  18. You have to move the furniture to see the carpet’s original color.
  19. Your bathroom is decorated in avocado green — from the first time it was in style.
  20. You can’t make any improvements to the exterior of your home without getting approval from the “Board of Historic Monuments.”

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