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Saturday, March 30, 2013

20 Signs You Need a Financial Makeover

1. You charge group dinners on your card and keep your friends’ cash to spend.

2. You spend more than 40% of your total income on rent.

3. You’re constantly transferring your balance to get 0% interest on your credit card debt.

5. Less than 10% of your income goes to your retirement savings. (Or worse, zero percent!)

6. You have a credit card that doesn’t give you anything in return, like cash back or airline miles.

7. You don’t know what IRA means.

8. You pay the minimum balance on your credit card each month.

9. You don’t open your credit card statement because you can’t bear to see how high the balance is.

10. You don’t keep receipts because they remind you of what you’ve spent.

11. You know your company has a 401k plan, but you have no idea what that is.

12. You withdraw cash frequently from ATM’s that aren’t affiliated with your bank.

13. The number of credit cards in your wallet is higher than the number of dates you’ve had this year.

14. You buy so much on eBay that they’ve awarded you VIP status.

15. You want to start a savings account, but then sale season starts again!

16. You don’t have an emergency fund to pay bills should you lose your job.

17. Your monthly extra cell phone minute charges are bigger than your monthly electric bill.

18. You overdraw on your checking account more than once a year.

19. You live paycheck to paycheck.

20. You spend more on new shoes annually than you save.nd see if you’re truly on track or not?

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