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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tips to help you sell your house

Are you one of the millions of people planning or trying to sell your home? Have you wondered how you could make your house more appealing than the other houses down the street that are also for sale? Well then, the talks about some ways that might be helpful. "Staging your home" is a phrase that you have most likely heard many times, but what does it mean? Well, like a stage ready for a performance, it needs to look good.

  • "Clean" and "neat" are the two words that best suit a staged look, so that means getting the carpet professionally cleaned, if necessary; and add rugs over parts that are stained or worn.
  • Don't try to lie about the quality and worth of the home, but do try to make it look as presentable and appealing as possible.
  • Rid all rooms of excess clutter. If there are too many pieces of furniture in a room, it will look crowded and it will make the room appear smaller than it is. Put some pieces of furniture in storage if necessary.
  • Get rid of excess accessories. All those family pictures are appealing to you but mean nothing to a buyer. All those knick-knacks you've displayed for years are special to you, but again, mean nothing to a buyer.
  • The buyer is looking at your house, not your life. The furnishings and accessories are there as decoration. Oh, and be sure everything is sparkling clean.
  • A good paint job might be in order, and that means checking both the inside and the outside of the home to see what needs to be painted. Be sure that front door is welcoming, and if it needs painting, paint it.

And while we're talking about the exterior, don't forget the roof. There is something about a dirty roof that makes the entire house look old and yucky. Get the roof cleaned. Check for any missing or broken roof tiles. If your roof has shingles, check for loose or curled shingles. Get these things fixed. If a potential buyer sees a roof that is in disarray, the first thought might be that there is a leak in the roof, meaning huge troubles. The second thought might be that there could be mould in the attic or inside the walls. That could be a sign of more huge trouble.

So, now that everything is clean and neat, consider placing a pot of flowers outside your front door. You've painted it; now accessorize it. Some experts feel that yellow flowers are the most appealing in general, but select what you feel complements your home the best.

Remember: Aim for clean and neat. Good luck with that sale.

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