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Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 Market Statistics "What does it take to get your home sold in this market?"

If you notice the number of homes on the market greatly exceeds the amount of homes sold, this is due to a number of factors. Overpricing and condition are the two biggest problems in our market that keep homes from selling or from selling quickly. If the condition of the home is not in tip top shape, then neither should be the pricing of the home. This leads to multiple homes with fewer sales. The homes that are selling are priced right and they are prepared for the sale. There are too many homes on the market for buyers to skip over the ones that do not compare in their price range. When you are pricing your home, make sure your agent does their homework and tells you the truth of what your home will sell for. Many agents will inflate the pricing to get you to list with them, ask them if they feel the price they are telling you will "really" sell you home. If your home is being compared to many others that are in better shape, are larger, better location... then your house WILL NOT SELL. Either make the effort to put the work into your home that it needs, stage your home or simply drop your price to where you're home needs to be to sell. Plan to have your home on the market for around the average days on market (which has been over 3 months for quite awhile), unless you are pricing under the market or doing excessive staging to your home, do not expect your home to sell quicker. This is why it is worth doing the extra work to make your home stand out.

Check out the days on market graph to see what the averages were throughout 2011. This doesn't mean that homes do not still sell very quickly. It takes 2 to get the job done quick and for the most money! You ~ and ~ Your Realtor! Its all in the preparation and staging of the home by you and then how aggressive and knowledgeable your realtor is. Honesty is sometimes hard to hear when it comes to where your home should be priced. Keep in mind... Any realtor can list a home, but to price it right and market it aggressively takes knowledge and experience!

If you are currently thinking about selling and would like an HONEST analysis of your home and what it will take to sell it quickly and net the most money. Give Modern Market Realtors a call and we can tell you the TRUTH and get your home on the SOLD CHART!! Call or email Shannon anytime 701-491-2000,

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